Martin Berkeley

Started: 27/09/1999
760 runs, 79 as hare.
Run NoDatePubHare?
115122/11/21Crown Inn, West Harptree 
115015/11/21Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
114908/11/21Riflemans, Glastonbury 
114801/11/21Apple Tree, Shoscome 
114725/10/21Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
114618/10/21Seymour Arms, Blagdon 
114511/10/21Crown Inn, Wells 
114404/10/21Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
114327/09/21Bell Inn, Leigh on MendipHare
114220/09/21Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick 
114113/09/21My Fine Deli, High St, Glastonbury 
113906/09/21Charlton Inn, Shepton MalletHare
113830/08/21King William, Shepton Mallet 
113509/08/21City Arms, Wells 
113402/08/21Cheddar Ales Taproom, Cheddar, BS27 3RP 
113326/07/21Castlebrook Inn, Compton Dundon  
113219/07/21Swan Inn, Wedmore 
113112/07/21Lamb Inn, Axbridge 
113005/07/21Seymour Arms, Witham Friary 
112821/06/21Ring O Bells, Wookey 
112607/06/21Crown Inn, Churchhill 
112317/05/21Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
112210/05/21Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
111919/04/21Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
111812/04/21George Inn, CroscombeHare
111629/03/21Crosscombe Road, down from Maesbury Castle 
111426/10/20Goat Church Cavern Parking, Burrington Combe  
111319/10/20King William, Shepton Mallet 
111105/10/20Britannia Inn, Wells 
110921/09/20Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
109316/03/20New Inn, Blagdon 
109209/03/20Travellers Rest, HornblottonHare
109024/02/20Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
108810/02/20Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
108703/02/20Red Lion, West Pennard 
108627/01/20Mendip Golf Club, Gurney Slade  
108520/01/20Strawberry Special, Draycott 
108413/01/20East Harptree Woods Carpark 
108230/12/19Railway Inn, Sandford 
108016/12/19Glastonbury Events, The Old Trinity Church, Godney 
107909/12/19Sidcot Arms, Bridgwater Road, Winscombe 
107618/11/19Ring O Bells, Priston 
107511/11/19Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
107221/10/19Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
107114/10/19Dolphin, Welton, Midsomer Norton 
107007/10/19Carpenters Tavern, Wells Road, Dundry 
106930/09/19Kings Arms, Stratton-On-The-Fosse 
106823/09/19Wookey Hole Social Club , Wookey Hole 
106716/09/19George Inn, Croscombe 
106609/09/19Fosso Lounge, High Street, Wells 
106502/09/19Webbington Hotel, Loxton 
106319/08/19Greyhound, Baltonsborough 
106212/08/19Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
106029/07/19Manor House Inn, Ditcheat, Shepton Mallet 
105922/07/19Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
105601/07/19White Hart, Sadler St, Wells 
105524/06/19Druid Arms, Stanton Drew 
105203/06/19Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
105020/05/19Fromeway, 62 Frome Rd, Radstock  
104913/05/19Thatched Cottage, Shepton Mallet 
104515/04/19Working Mens Club, Pilton 
104408/04/19Bell Inn, Evercreech 
104301/04/19Talbot Inn, Mells 
104225/03/19Crown Inn, Axbridge 
104011/03/19Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
103904/03/19Yonder Brewing, Rookery Farm, BinegarHare
103825/02/19Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
103718/02/19Victoria Club, Leigh Road, Street 
103107/01/19Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
103031/12/18Cheese Yard Cafe, West Horrington, Wells 
102817/12/18Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
102710/12/18Riflemans, Glastonbury 
102603/12/18Mullions Bar & Restaurant, 51 High Street, Street 
102526/11/18Litton, Litton, Somerset 
102419/11/18Star Inn, Star 
102205/11/18Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
102022/10/18Pilton Cider, Anglo Trading Estate, Shepton Mallet Hare
101915/10/18Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
101808/10/18Knatchbull Arms, Stoke St Michael 
101624/09/18Pheasant Inn, Wookey 
101517/09/18Pelican, Chew Magna 
101410/09/18Hunters Rest, Clutton Hill 
101303/09/18Freshford Inn, Freshford 
101120/08/18Farington Golf Club, Marsh Lane Farington Gurney 
101013/08/18Mallards, Midsomer Norton 
100906/08/18George & Dragon, High St, Pensford 
100830/07/18Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
100723/07/18Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
100325/06/18Burrington Combe (SEE DETAILS) 
100218/06/18George, Church Street, Nunney 
100004/06/18New Inn, The Green, PriddyHare
99821/05/18White Hart, Cheddar 
99530/04/18Strode Arms, Cranmore 
99423/04/18Stoke Inn, Chew Stoke 
99316/04/18Cameley Lodge, Temple Cloud 
99026/03/18Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
98919/03/18Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
98812/03/18Crown Inn, West Harptree 
98705/03/18Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
98626/02/18The Green, Priddy. 
98412/02/18Temple Inn, Temple Cloud 
98122/01/18Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
98015/01/18Whod Hav Thought It, Glastonbury 
97908/01/18Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
97801/01/18Crown Inn, Churchhill 
97618/12/17Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
97511/12/17Barton Inn, Barton St DavidHare
97404/12/17Pelican, Chew Magna 
97220/11/17Strawberry Special, Draycott 
96930/10/17Full Moon, Southover St, WellsHare
96823/10/17Village Club, High St, Blagdon Bristol BS40 7TA 
96716/10/17Seven Stars, Timsbury 
96609/10/17Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
96502/10/17Red Lion, West Pennard 
96425/09/17Bell Inn, Buckland Dinham 
96318/09/17New Inn, Cross, Axbridge 
96211/09/17Bath Arms, Cheddar 
96104/09/17Tyning Inn, Radstock 
95921/08/17Coleford British Legion, Coleford 
95707/08/17Crown Inn, Pilton 
95631/07/17Stapes House. 
95310/07/17Cheese Yard Cafe West Horrington BA5 3ED 
95203/07/17Bird in Hand, Westhay 
95019/06/17Waggon and Horses, Beacon 
94805/06/17Pilton Cider, The Anglo, Shepton Mallet BA4 5BYHare
94515/05/17Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
94301/05/17Litton, Litton, Somerset 
94224/04/17Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
94010/04/17Deer Leap Car Park 
93903/04/17Ring O Bells, Wookey 
93827/03/17Kings Head, Coleford 
93720/03/17Spice Dunes, Farrington Gurney 
93427/02/17Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
92923/01/17Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
92816/01/17White Hart, Midsomer Norton 
92709/01/17Sheppey Inn, Godney 
92602/01/17The Squancery, High Street, Chewton Mendip. 
92312/12/16Elms, Street 
92128/11/16Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
92021/11/16Prince Of Wales, Peasedown St John Dunkerton Hill, Bath  
91807/11/16George Inn, CroscombeHare
91731/10/16Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
91624/10/16Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
91517/10/16Britannia Inn, Wells 
91410/10/16White Hart, Trudoxhill 
91303/10/16Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
91226/09/16Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
91012/09/16Apple Tree, Pilton 
90722/08/16Crown Inn, Clapton 
90218/07/16Wilkins Cider Farm, Mudgley, Wedmore 
89209/05/16Rose and Portculis, Butleigh, Nr Street 
89025/04/16Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
88811/04/16Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
88628/03/16Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
88414/03/16Three Horseshoes, Batcombe 
88129/02/16Riflemans, Glastonbury 
88022/02/16Natterjack Inn, Evercreech Junction 
87915/02/16Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
87808/02/16Trotter, Crickham 
87701/02/16Talbot Inn, Mells 
87625/01/16Bath Arms, Cheddar 
87518/01/16Pilton Cider, The Anglo, Shepton MalletHare
87014/12/15Working Mens Club, Pilton 
86907/12/15Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
86830/11/15Strode Arms, Cranmore 
86723/11/15Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
86616/11/15Prince of Waterloo, 1 High Street, Winford 
86509/11/15Queen Vic, Priddy 
86005/10/15Apple Tree, Pilton 
85821/09/15Thatched Cottage, Shepton Mallet 
85714/09/15Red Lion, Bishop Sutton 
85424/08/15George Inn, Croscombe 
85317/08/15Compton Inn, Court Hill,Compton Dando 
85210/08/15Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
85027/07/15Chris & Pats pad, Burcott 
84706/07/15Strawberry Special, Draycott 
84629/06/15Lievito Bakery, Lovington, BA7 7PSHare
84522/06/15Hunters Rest, Clutton Hill 
84018/05/15Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
83911/05/15Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick 
83627/04/15Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
83413/04/15Kings Head, Cheddar 
83306/04/15Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
83230/03/15Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
83123/03/15Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
82909/03/15Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
82802/03/15Stoke Inn, Chew Stoke 
82723/02/15Red Post, Bath Road, Peasedown St John 
82616/02/15George Inn, Wedmore 
82509/02/15Castle of Comfort, Priddy 
82402/02/15Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
82219/01/15Horseshoe Inn, Bowlish 
82112/01/15Railway Inn, Clutton 
82005/01/15Red Lion, West Pennard 
81715/12/14Charterhouse Centre, Charterhouse 
81501/12/14Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
81424/11/14Mallards, Midsomer Norton 
81210/11/14Diddy Club, High Littleton 
80813/10/14Angelas Orchard, PylleHare
80629/09/14Crown Inn, Clapton 
80522/09/14Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
80415/09/14Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
80201/09/14Star Inn, High Littleton 
80018/08/14Sheppey Inn, Godney 
79911/08/14Bell Inn, Evercreech 
79804/08/14George Inn, Croscombe 
79728/07/14Rose & Crown, 7 St Johns Street Wells 
79407/07/14Red Lion, West Pennard 
79330/06/14Shepton Lido, Shaftgate Avenue, Shepton Mallet 
79223/06/14Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
79116/06/14Apple Tree, Pilton 
79009/06/14Lievito BakeryHare
78902/06/14Pelican, Chew Magna 
78719/05/14Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
78612/05/14Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
78505/05/14Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
78428/04/14Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
78214/04/14Crown Inn, Pilton 
78107/04/14Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
78031/03/14Waggon and Horses, Wells Rd, Glastonbury 
77817/03/14Knatchbull Arms, Stoke St Michael 
77710/03/14Highwayman Inn, Cannards Grave 
77603/03/14Wookey Hole Social Club , Wookey Hole 
77524/02/14Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
77417/02/14Queen Vic, Priddy 
77310/02/14City Arms, Wells 
77203/02/14Vobster Inn, VobsterHare
77127/01/14Waggon and Horses, Beacon 
77020/01/14White Post, Midsomer Norton 
76913/01/14Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
76623/12/13Ring O Bells, Wookey 
76516/12/13Cafe Piano, Wells - Christmas Meal 
76225/11/13 Isle of Wedmore Golf Club Wedmore BS28 4QT 
75614/10/13Angelas Orchard Pylle Hare
75507/10/13Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
75323/09/13Manor House Inn - Ditcheat- BA4 6RB 
75002/09/13Winterfield, Paulton 
74819/08/13Walled Garden Centre Mells BA11 3PN 
74712/08/13New Inn, Blagdon 
74315/07/13Panborough Inn, Panborough (nr Wedmore) 
74101/07/13Shepton Mallet Lido 
73810/06/13Steve and Ritas Gaff 23 Ash Lane Wells BA5 2LR 
73703/06/13Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
73627/05/13Westcombe Cheese Farm BA4 6ER 
73520/05/13The White Heart Fore St Castle Cary BA7 7BQ 
73413/05/13Kings Arms, Litton 
73306/05/13Natterjack Inn, Evercreech Junction 
73229/04/13Whitstones Fish and Chip Restaurant Shepton Mallet 
72908/04/13The Court Hotel, Lynch Hill, Chilcompton BA3 4SA 
72801/04/13Crown Inn, Churchhill 
72725/03/13Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
72404/03/13The New Inn - Farmborough BA2 OEG 
72004/02/13Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
71821/01/13Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
71714/01/13Mallards, Midsomer Norton 
71607/01/13Holcombe Inn, HolcombeHare
71210/12/12Rose and Portculis, Butleigh, Nr Street 
71103/12/12Blagdon Village Club BS40 7TA 
71026/11/12Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
70705/11/12Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
70629/10/12Crown Inn, Axbridge 
70522/10/12Globe Inn, Wells 
70415/10/12Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
70308/10/12Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
70017/09/12Eagle Inn, Coleford 
69803/09/12Shepton Mallet Lido Shaftgate Ave BA4 5YA  
69727/08/12Angelas OrchardHare
69620/08/12Talbot Inn, Mells 
69223/07/12Purnells Sports and Social Club, Paulton 
69116/07/12Thatched Cottage, Shepton Mallet 
69009/07/12Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
68806/07/12Priddy Upper GreenHare
68304/06/12George Inn, CroscombeHare
68121/05/12Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
67914/05/12Drayton Arms, Drayton, Langport 
67730/04/12Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
67623/04/12White Hart Inn, Cross 
67516/04/12Deer Leap car park - On down to New Inn @ Priddy 
67409/04/12Riverside Restaurant, Coxley 
67302/04/12Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
67226/03/12Farington Golf Club, Marsh Lane Farington Gurney 
67119/03/12George, High Street, Norton St Philip, 
67012/03/12George, Nettlebridge 
66905/03/12Horseshoe Inn, Bowlish 
66827/02/12Pheasant Inn, Wookey 
66720/02/12Ring O Bells, Pit Hill Lane, Moorlinch, Somerset 
66430/01/12Carpenters Tavern, Wells Road, Dundry 
66109/01/12Crown Glastonbury, 4 Market Place Glastonbury 
66002/01/12Rose and Portculis, Butleigh, Nr Street 
65926/12/11Alhampton Inn, AlhamptonHare
65819/12/11Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
65712/12/11Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
65528/11/11Royal Oak, Main Street, Walton 
65421/11/11Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
65314/11/11White Hart, Trudoxhill 
65207/11/11Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
65131/10/11Tuckers Grave Inn, Falkland 
64917/10/11Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
64519/09/11Chris and Pats House 
64412/09/11Market House Inn, Glastonbury 
64229/08/11Wilkins Cider Farm, Mudgley, Wedmore 
64122/08/11Apple Tree, PiltonHare
64015/08/11Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
63908/08/11New Inn, Blagdon 
63801/08/11Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
63618/07/11Blue Bowl, West Harptree 
63511/07/1123 Ash Lane, Wells 
63410/07/11Queen Vic, PriddyHare
63308/07/11Priddy Upper Green 
63127/06/11Sheppey Inn, Godney 
62913/06/11Riverside Restaurant, Coxley 
62806/06/11Bear and Swan, Chew Magna 
62730/05/11Kings Arms, Shepton Mallet 
62623/05/11Plume of Feathers, Rickford 
62516/05/11Bear Inn, Holwell, nr Nunney 
62409/05/11The Tramways, Wells 
62302/05/11Crown Inn, Pilton 
62118/04/11Faulkland Inn, Faulkland 
62011/04/11Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
61828/03/11Pelican, Chew Magna 
61721/03/11Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
61614/03/11Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
61507/03/11Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
61428/02/11Britannia Inn, Wells 
61321/02/11George, Nettlebridge 
61107/02/11Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
61031/01/11Horseshoe Inn, Bowlish 
60924/01/11Natterjack Inn, Evercreech Junction 
60817/01/11Angelas OrchardHare
60710/01/11Temple Inn, Temple Cloud 
60603/01/11Mallards, Midsomer Norton 
60527/12/10Three Horseshoes, Batcombe 
60420/12/10Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
60313/12/10Riflemans, Glastonbury 
60206/12/10Pats New House 
60129/11/10George Inn, Wedmore 
60022/11/10Oakhill Inn, OakhillHare
59915/11/10Britannia Inn, Wells 
59808/11/10Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
59701/11/10Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
59625/10/10Ring O Bells, Wookey 
59518/10/10Apple Tree, Shoscome 
59411/10/10Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
59227/09/10Compton Inn, Court Hill,Compton Dando 
59120/09/10Crown Inn, Regil Nr Winford 
59013/09/10Pound Inn, Coxley 
58906/09/10Red Lion, Bishop SuttonHare
58830/08/10Wilkins Cider Farm, Mudgley, Wedmore 
58509/08/10Stoberry Lodge, Wells BA5 2TB 
58402/08/10Kings Arms, Litton 
58326/07/10Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
58219/07/10Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
58112/07/10Red Lion, West Pennard 
58011/07/10Queen Vic, Priddy 
57909/07/10Priddy Upper GreenHare
57805/07/10Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
57728/06/10Blagdon village car park 
57621/06/10Crown Inn, Axbridge 
57514/06/10Riverside Inn, Cheddar 
57224/05/10Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
57117/05/10Waggon and Horses, Beacon 
57010/05/10Poachers Pocket, ChelynchHare
56903/05/10Tyning Inn, Radstock 
56826/04/10Shapway Inn, Evercreech 
56719/04/10Kings Arms, Stratton-On-The-Fosse 
56612/04/1028 Charlton Road, Shepton Mallet 
56505/04/10Queen Vic, Priddy 
56429/03/10Castlebrook Inn, Compton Dundon  
56322/03/10Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
56215/03/10Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
56108/03/10Street Inn, 1-3 Somerton Road Street 
56001/03/10George, Church Street, Nunney 
55922/02/10Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
55815/02/10Rising Sun, Pensford 
55708/02/10Waggon & Horses, 41 Bath Road, Peasedown St. John 
55601/02/10Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
55525/01/10Kings Head, Coleford 
55418/01/10King William, Shepton MalletHare
55204/01/10Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
55128/12/09George Inn, Croscombe 
54914/12/09King Alfred Inn, Street 
54807/12/09Sherston Inn, Wells 
54730/11/09Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
54623/11/09Star Inn, High Littleton 
54516/11/09Ebbor Gorge Car Park,  
54409/11/09Spice Dunes, Farrington Gurney 
54302/11/09Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
54226/10/09The Academy, Shepton MalletHare
54119/10/09Kings Head, Cheddar 
54012/10/09Elms, Street 
53905/10/09Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
53828/09/09Red Lion, Bishop Sutton 
53614/09/09George, Nettlebridge 
53507/09/09Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
53110/08/09Jolliffe Arms, Kilmersdon 
53003/08/09Shepton Mallet Sports Centre 
52927/07/09Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
52820/07/09Stoberry Lodge (Mikes Place), Wells, BA5 2TB 
52713/07/09Strawberry Special, Draycott 
52510/07/09Priddy Upper Green 
52406/07/09Penscott Inn, Shipham 
52222/06/09Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
52115/06/09Greyhound, Baltonsborough 
52008/06/09Banks Farm, Chesterblade Hills 
51901/06/09Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
51825/05/09Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
51718/05/09Crown Inn, Wells 
51611/05/09Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
51504/05/09Red Lion, West Pennard 
51427/04/09Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
51323/04/09Cenotaph Bus Stop, Shepton MalletHare
51220/04/09Working Mens Club, PiltonHare
51113/04/09Crown Inn, Churchhill 
51006/04/09Riflemans, Glastonbury 
50930/03/09Hunters Rest, Clutton Hill 
50823/03/09Castlebrook Inn, Compton Dundon  
50716/03/09Royal Oak, Main Street, Walton 
50609/03/09Lamb Inn, Axbridge 
50402/03/09Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
50323/02/09Talbot Inn, Mells 
50216/02/09Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
50109/02/09Waggon and Horses, Wells Rd, Glastonbury 
50002/02/09Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
49926/01/09White Hart, Trudoxhill 
49819/01/09Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
49712/01/09Slab House, West Horrington 
49605/01/09Queen Vic, Priddy 
49422/12/08George Inn, Croscombe 
49315/12/08Pound Inn, Coxley 
49208/12/08Warwick Arms, Clutton 
49101/12/08Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
49024/11/08Langford Inn, Lower Langford, North Somerset 
48917/11/08Gardeners Arms, Cheddar 
48810/11/08Star Inn, High Littleton 
48703/11/08Knatchbull Arms, Stoke St Michael 
48627/10/08Tuckers Grave Inn, Falkland 
48413/10/08Chesterblade, Banks Farm 
48306/10/08Cannards Grave Inn, Shepton MalletHare
48122/09/08Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
48015/09/08Horseshoe Inn, Bowlish 
47725/08/08Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
47511/08/08Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
47404/08/08Rose and Portculis, Butleigh, Nr Street 
47328/07/08Burrington Combe Upper Car Park,  
47114/07/08Ring O Bells, Wookey 
47013/07/08Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
46912/07/08Queen Vic, PriddyHare
46811/07/08Mystery Location 
46707/07/08Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
46630/06/08Sun Inn, Union St, Wells 
46523/06/08Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
46309/06/08Bear and Swan, Chew Magna 
46102/06/08Beckets Inn, High St, Glastonbury 
45628/04/08Winterfield, Paulton 
45521/04/08Imperial Court, Nunney 
45414/04/08Red Lion, Paulton 
45307/04/08Panborough Inn, Panborough (nr Wedmore) 
45231/03/08Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
45124/03/08Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
45017/03/08Crown Inn, West Harptree 
44910/03/08Bath Arms, Cheddar 
44725/02/08Railway Inn, Clutton 
44518/02/08George Inn, CroscombeHare
44411/02/08Pats House, 28 Charlton Road 
44304/02/08Strawberry Special, Draycott 
44228/01/08Webbington Hotel, Loxton 
44121/01/08White Post, Midsomer Norton 
44017/01/08Wells Bus StationHare
43914/01/08Britannia Inn, Wells 
43707/01/08Stoke Inn, Chew Stoke 
43524/12/07Queen Vic, Priddy 
43417/12/07Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
43310/12/07Queens Arms, WraxallHare
43203/12/07Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
43126/11/07Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
43019/11/07Guss and Crook, Timsbury 
42912/11/07Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
42729/10/07Full Moon, Southover St, Wells 
42622/10/07Crown Inn, Regil Nr Winford 
42515/10/07Riverside Restaurant, Coxley 
42408/10/07Crown Inn, Clapton 
42301/10/07Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
42224/09/07Greyhound, Baltonsborough 
42117/09/07Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
41827/08/07Rising Sun, Pensford 
41506/08/07Jolliffe Arms, Kilmersdon 
41430/07/07George, Nettlebridge 
41323/07/07Burrington Inn, Burrington Combe 
41216/07/07Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
41109/07/07Downside Inn, On A37 north of Shepton Mallet 
41008/07/07Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
40907/07/07Queen Vic, PriddyHare
40806/07/07Wells Rugby Club, Wells 
40702/07/07Globe Inn, Wells 
40625/06/07King William, Shepton Mallet 
40416/06/07New Inn, The Green, Priddy 
40311/06/07Old School House, Camerton 
39914/05/07Castle of Comfort, Priddy 
39516/04/07Leisure Centre, Shepton Mallet 
39409/04/07Blue Bowl, West Harptree 
39302/04/07Pheasant Inn, Wookey 
39226/03/07Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
39012/03/07Red Lion, West Pennard 
38826/02/07Old Down Inn, Old Down, Emborough 
38612/02/07George Inn, Croscombe 
38429/01/07Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
38322/01/07New Inn, The Green, Priddy 
38215/01/07Live and Let Live, Blagdon 
37926/12/06Strode Arms, CranmoreHare
37818/12/06Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
37527/11/06Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
37420/11/06Eagle Inn, Coleford 
37206/11/06Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
37130/10/06Full Moon, Southover St, WellsHare
36916/10/06Butchers Arms, Farmborough 
36809/10/06Riverside Restaurant, Coxley 
36518/09/06Kings Arms, Shepton Mallet 
36411/09/06Burrington Combe Upper Car Park,  
36304/09/06Bear Inn, Holwell, nr Nunney 
36014/08/06City Arms, Wells 
35831/07/06Crown Inn, Axbridge 
35724/07/06Druid Arms, Stanton Drew 
35403/07/06Rising Sun, Pensford 
35326/06/06Fountain, Wells 
35219/06/06George Inn, Croscombe 
34929/05/06Wells Rugby Club, Wells 
34715/05/06Penscott Inn, Shipham 
34501/05/06George Inn, Gurney Slade 
34317/04/06Talbot Inn, Mells 
34210/04/06Winterfield, Paulton 
34027/03/06Burcott Inn, Burcott, Wookey 
33813/03/06Riverside Inn, Cheddar 
33706/03/06Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
33627/02/06Bell Inn, Evercreech 
33413/02/06Farrington Inn, Farrington GurneyHare
33306/02/06Strawberry Special, Draycott 
33016/01/06Lamb Inn, Axbridge 
32909/01/06Sherston Inn, Wells 
32802/01/06Gardeners Arms, Cheddar 
32726/12/05Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
32619/12/05Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney Stoke 
32512/12/05Crown Inn, Pilton 
32405/12/05Wheatsheaf, Stone Allerton 
32328/11/05Knatchbull Arms, Stoke St Michael 
32221/11/05Red Lion, Bishop Sutton 
32114/11/05Queen Adelaide, Blagdon 
31931/10/05Full Moon, Southover St, WellsHare
31824/10/05Crown Inn, West Harptree 
31717/10/05Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
31610/10/05Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade 
31426/09/05Strode Arms, Cranmore 
31319/09/05Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
31212/09/05Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick 
31105/09/05Sexey, Blackford, Nr Wedmore 
30815/08/05Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
30708/08/05Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
30525/07/05Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
30418/07/05Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
30311/07/05Rose and Portculis, Butleigh, Nr Street 
30204/07/05Abbey Barn, Doulting 
29806/06/05Downside Inn, On A37 north of Shepton MalletHare
29623/05/05Kings Arms, Litton 
29516/05/05Vobster Inn, Vobster 
29409/05/05Railway Inn, Ashcott 
29302/05/05Slab House, West Horrington 
29118/04/05Cheddar Cottage, Union Street 
29011/04/05Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
28904/04/05Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
28721/03/05Three Horseshoes, BatcombeHare
28614/03/05Kings Head, Coleford 
28507/03/05Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
28214/02/05George Inn, Croscombe 
28107/02/05White Post, Midsomer Norton 
28031/01/05Gardeners Arms, Cheddar 
27924/01/05Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
27206/12/04Old Station Inn, HallatrowHare
27129/11/04Crown Inn, Clapton 
27022/11/04Fountain, Wells 
26915/11/04Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade 
26808/11/04Star Inn, High Littleton 
26701/11/04Railway Inn, Clutton 
26411/10/04Pound Inn, Coxley 
26120/09/04Globe Inn, Wells 
26013/09/04Crossways Tavern, Midsomer Norton 
25905/09/04Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
25830/08/04George Inn, Croscombe 
25723/08/04Guss and Crook, Timsbury 
25616/08/04Downside Inn, On A37 north of Shepton Mallet 
25326/07/04Burrington Combe Upper Car Park,  
25219/07/04Druid Arms, Stanton Drew 
25112/07/04Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
25005/07/04Kings Head, High Street, Wells 
24607/06/04Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
24424/05/04Bell Inn, EvercreechHare
24317/05/04Holcombe Inn, Holcombe 
24210/05/04Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
23919/04/04Pheasant Inn, Wookey 
23812/04/04Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
23629/03/04Jolliffe Arms, Kilmersdon 
23522/03/04Ring O Bells, Hinton BlewittHare
23123/02/04Radstock Hotel, Radstock 
22909/02/04Butchers Arms, Bishop Sutton 
22802/02/04Sheppey Inn, GodneyHare
22726/01/04Beckets Inn, High St, Glastonbury 
22512/01/04Red Lion, Paulton 
22329/12/03City Arms, Wells 
22222/12/03Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
22115/12/03Highwayman Inn, Cannards GraveHare
21901/12/03Downside Inn, On A37 north of Shepton Mallet 
21824/11/03Kings Arms, Litton 
21717/11/03Wheatsheaf, Stone Allerton 
21320/10/03Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade 
21106/10/03Charterhouse Car Park,  
20715/09/03Crown Inn, Clapton 
20608/09/03Crown Inn, PiltonHare
20210/08/03Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
20104/08/03Queen Vic, Priddy 
19814/07/03City Arms, Wells 
19707/07/03Bear Inn, Street 
19630/06/03Live and Let Live, Blagdon 
19523/06/03Castle of Comfort, Priddy 
19416/06/03Panborough Inn, Panborough (nr Wedmore) 
19309/06/03Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub MendipHare
19202/06/03Bath Arms, Cheddar 
19019/05/03Sun Inn, Union St, Wells 
18912/05/03Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
18728/04/03Trotter, Crickham 
18514/04/03Kings Arms, Litton 
18407/04/03Strawberry Special, DraycottHare
18224/03/03Miners Arms, Shipham 
18117/03/03Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
17903/03/03Temple Inn, Temple Cloud 
17717/02/03Red Lion, West Pennard 
17610/02/03Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
17503/02/03Royal Oak, Whatley Road FromeHare
17427/01/03Pound Inn, Coxley 
17320/01/03Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
17213/01/03Hunters Rest, Clutton Hill 
16816/12/02Prestleigh Inn, PrestleighHare
16602/12/02Vobster Inn, VobsterHare
16525/11/02Crown Inn, Clapton 
16418/11/02Crossways Hotel, North Wotton 
16204/11/02Bell Inn, Leigh on Mendip 
16128/10/02Star Inn, High Littleton 
16021/10/02Wellsway, West HarptreeHare
15914/10/02Plume of Feathers, Rickford 
15807/10/02Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe 
15730/09/02Jolliffe Arms, Kilmersdon 
15623/09/02Full Moon, Southover St, WellsHare
15516/09/02Riflemans, Glastonbury 
15409/09/02Fenny Castle House, Fenny Castle 
15302/09/02Mendip Inn, Gurney SladeHare
14905/08/02Britannia Inn, Wells 
14722/07/02Bull Terrier, CroscombeHare
14401/07/02Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
14324/06/02Crown Inn, West Harptree 
14217/06/02Guss and Crook, Timsbury 
14110/06/02Pelican, Chew Magna 
13606/05/02Queen Vic, Priddy 
13529/04/02Ring O Bells, Compton MartinHare
13422/04/02Holcombe Inn, HolcombeHare
13315/04/02Beckets Inn, High St, Glastonbury 
13101/04/02New Inn, The Green, PriddyHare
12811/03/02Crown Inn, Pilton 
12704/03/02Rodney Stoke Inn, Rodney StokeHare
12625/02/02Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
12518/02/02Old Station Inn, Hallatrow 
12411/02/02Pheasant Inn, Wookey 
12304/02/02Bath Arms, Cheddar 
12228/01/02Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
11907/01/02Somerset Wagon, ChilcomptonHare
11801/01/02Lamb Inn, Axbridge 
11510/12/01Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
11403/12/01Webbington Hotel, Loxton 
11219/11/01White Post, Midsomer Norton 
11112/11/01Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
11005/11/01Queens Arms, Bleadon 
10929/10/01Red Lion, Bishop Sutton 
10822/10/01Pound Inn, Coxley 
10715/10/01Live and Let Live, Blagdon 
10608/10/01Kings Head, Coleford 
10501/10/01Dolphin, UphillHare
10210/09/01Abbey Barn, Doulting 
10103/09/01New Inn, The Green, Priddy 
10027/08/01Duke of Cumberland, HolcombeHare
9813/08/01Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
9630/07/01Kings Arms, Stratton-On-The-FosseHare
9416/07/01Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
9309/07/01Britannia Inn, Wells 
9202/07/01Riflemans, Glastonbury 
9125/06/01Somerset Inn, Paulton 
9018/06/01Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
8911/06/01King William, Shepton MalletHare
8621/05/01Sherston Inn, Wells 
8514/05/01Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
8407/05/01Riflemans, Glastonbury 
8116/04/01Red Lion, Paulton 
8009/04/01Kings Arms, Shepton Mallet 
7826/03/01George Inn, Gurney Slade 
7612/03/01White Hart, Midsomer NortonHare
7505/03/01Somerset Wagon, Chilcompton 
7426/02/01Britannia Inn, Wells 
7319/02/01Red Lion, West Pennard 
7212/02/01Wookey Hole Inn, Wookey Hole 
7105/02/01Burcott Inn, Burcott, Wookey 
7029/01/01Charlton Inn, Shepton MalletHare
6708/01/01Mendip Inn, Gurney Slade 
6518/12/00Riflemans, Glastonbury 
6327/11/00White Post, Midsomer Norton 
6220/11/00Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
6006/11/00Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
5904/11/00Somerset Inn, Paulton 
5830/10/00Queen Adelaide, BlagdonHare
5723/10/00Railway Inn, Clutton 
5509/10/00Old Down Inn, Old Down, Emborough 
5402/10/00Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
5110/09/00George, NettlebridgeHare
5004/09/00Strode Arms, Cranmore 
4821/08/00Crown Inn, Clapton 
4714/08/00Jolliffe Arms, Kilmersdon 
4607/08/00Britannia Inn, Wells 
4424/07/00Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
4317/07/00Blue Bowl, West Harptree 
4210/07/00Poachers Pocket, Chelynch 
4103/07/00Bull Terrier, Croscombe 
3812/06/00Kings Head, Cheddar 
3705/06/00Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
3629/05/00Queen Vic, Priddy 
3522/05/00Downside Inn, On A37 north of Shepton MalletHare
3415/05/00Ring O Bells, Wookey 
3201/05/00Butchers Arms, Bishop Sutton 
3124/04/00Bath Arms, Cheddar 
3017/04/00Swan Inn, Rowberrow 
2910/04/00Horse and Jockey, Gurney Slade 
2803/04/00Redan Inn, Chilcompton 
2727/03/00Ring O Bells, Hinton Blewitt 
2620/03/00New Inn, Wedmore 
2513/03/00Old Down Inn, Old Down, Emborough 
2406/03/00Plume of Feathers, Rickford 
2328/02/00Ring O Bells, Compton Martin 
2221/02/00Westbury Inn, Westbury Sub Mendip 
2114/02/00Waldegrave Arms, East Harptree 
2007/02/00Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney 
1931/01/00Easton Inn, Easton 
1824/01/00Butchers Arms, Bishop SuttonHare
1717/01/00Red Lion, Draycott 
1610/01/00Hunters Lodge, Priddy 
1503/01/00Waldegrave Arms, Chewton Mendip 
1213/12/99Galleries, Cheddar 
1106/12/99Kings Arms, LittonHare
1029/11/99Oakhill Inn, Oakhill 
922/11/99Miners Arms, Shipham 
815/11/99Wellsway, West HarptreeHare
708/11/99Mermaid, Wells 
601/11/99Trotter, Crickham 
525/10/99Castle of Comfort, Priddy 
418/10/99New Inn, Cross, Axbridge 
311/10/99George, NettlebridgeHare
204/10/99Strawberry Special, Draycott 
127/09/99New Inn, The Green, PriddyHare